Hill Country Wildflowers



They’re here! And in some profusion!

One of the best areas is Muleshoe Bend Park, along the upper south shore of Lake Travis. There are acres of bluebonnets where water once was, and ought to be, if not for the drought.

DSC04144_1920x1200 DSC04084_1920x1200 DSC04103_1920x1200

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Lake Buchanan has similar coverage along its south shore, if not quite so wide a band as Muleshoe Bend, but it’s tougher to get to where you can really see the bluebonnets.

DSC04045_1920x1200 DSC04050_1920x1200

The Vandivier House just north of Marble Falls along US 281 once again has bluebonnets.


The Willow City Loop is pretty again, after several years of nothing much.


And the roadsides all over have frequent color.

DSC04032_1920x1200 DSC04191

My Flickr site, accessed through Links page, will show precise locations of many of my photos. Select an album, such as Wildflowers 2015, then select Map from the menu, and you will see a marker everywhere a photo has a geo-tag.

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