Stockdale – Poteet Areas


Yesterday we drove down through Seguin, Stockdale, Floresville to Pleasanton, where I lived from ages 7 to 13, but not much in the way of wildflowers there this year, to Poteet, then ran various backroads in the triangle marked by Poteet – Somerset – Devine before returning home much the way we’d come. In other words, a whole lot of driving and not nearly enough looking and photographing.

Recent reports have been to the effect that the Stockdale area hadn’t yet arrived, but Poteet was looking good. Good news! Stockdale was looking good, too! So my next trip down south I’ll drive back roads in the Stockdale area, which is not only an hour closer to me, but seems likely to be on the improving part of the cycle rather than the downhill. As an aside, and for what ever it is worth, the mesquite around Poteet appeared to be all leafed out anew while that between Stockdale and Seguin is only half done.

There’s a lot of color around, in that part of Texas right now.





Pink prickly poppies, about 3.5 miles west of Floresville alongside Hwy 97 (click on any photo to see it enlarged)


Indian paintbrush (click on photo to enlarge)


The map below shows our general route, with only passing indication of where we saw flowers. They were plentiful around Stockdale, and in the Poteet area. For more accurate photo locations, use “Link” to get to my Flickr site. There, select the Wildflower 2015 album, then select Map from the menu. Nearly all of the photos there are geo-tagged.

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