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It’s still early enough that the wildflowers in the general area between Llano and Mason may fill in nicely. My best guess right now, though, is that it will be only an average year for wildflowers in this area. I expect one to find beautiful areas, but only with hunting; they will not be everywhere you look.

The roadside flowers are doing nicely. I saw bluebonnets a week or two from peaking, scattered paintbrush, phlox, a few prickly poppy, and various yellow flowers – not including the ubiquitous #(*@#) cabbage, which I also saw in excess. Half of the oak trees are wearing new leaves while half are just starting. No sign of new leaves yet on pecan or mesquite. But I saw only a few patches of yellow or blue in the fields, maybe a few patches of phlox.

Nothing much yet at the old college in Pontotoc, but the remains of the rock house across the street are next to a patch of bluebonnets that are photo-worthy. Only a few bluebonnets here and there in the Union Band Cemetery a few miles further west of Pontotoc along TX 71.

One bright spot was Art Hedwig Hill Rd east of Mason, connecting TX 29 to US 87. This is a dirt road, fairly smooth and looks to have been graded recently, but possibly treacherous if wet. It’s entirely possible that the Mason highway department has seeded alongside this road, but if so, the bluebonnets have spread nicely away from it, along with prickly poppy. I won’t say this area is worth a special trip, but if you’re in the area anyway, it’s worth the detour.

RR 152 from Castell into Llano looks promising, too.

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