Scout to Lake Buchanan area


Susan and I drove through Burnet to RR 2341, which goes up along the east shore of Lake Buchanan. We’ve seen pretty flowers here in the past, so always include it when we’re looking. Two caveats: this early in the year there are no flower patches, so we can’t tell what’s going on except what we can find near the road, and we do not recognize any young wildflowers except bluebonnets.

We found bluebonnets growing well along the roadside. And it looks like the north entrance to Wolf Creek Ranch (Estates? – a subdivision out in the country) will return to the glory it lost several years ago. We found a lot of bluebonnets along the road here, and just inside the gate. Heading back towards TX 29, we turned off on CR 114, that eventually becomes FM 690 and shows on some maps and gps units as FM 690 – but the road sign says CR 114 – finding a lot of bluebonnets along the road for the first stretch, maybe a mile. Further on, crossing a bridge over dry land that used to be under several feet of water, we saw promising green patches in the distance across a broad stretch that was lake up until maybe five or six years ago, but which has had large patches of bluebonnets since. A neighborhood street, N. Chaparral, allows you to drive in off of the main road for a better look.

We saw many roadside bluebonnets along Park Rd 4, along the east side of Inks Lake. There was one place along the abandoned railroad next to CR 120, north of FM 1431 between Kingsland and Marble Falls, where we saw many bluebonnets. But we were disappointed in the few bluebonnets we saw growing at the other railroad crossing along CR 120, where they have been so pretty in the past.

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