Bluebonnets on their way…


This is mostly a “place holder” for things to come, as it’s still a tad early for wildflowers in the Hill Country and nearby areas (such as Georgetown). But it is looking good! But I’ve been optimistic before, such as last year when our yard looked terrific and the Hill Country wound up sort of blah.


Our bluebonnet patch now, in late winter, vs what we had last spring. (click on photo to zoom)

We have the largest, densest patch of bluebonnets we’ve seen since we first planted some bluebonnets four years ago. But so far, no blossoms. I’m expecting an even prettier display than last year’s, though, on the right of the above photo. Oh, and those darker green patches that look a little like clover, on the left, those are all bluebonnets, stretching back even through the neighbor’s wrought iron fence.

Rainfall maps indicate that the Willow City Loop got good rain last fall, and into the winter, and about a month ago Susan and I drove the loop, stopping at my favorite low water crossing, where I found a lot of bluebonnet rosettes. They were still small, but there were bunches of them, so maybe the Willow City Loop will be back this year, after several years of nothing-much.

Here’s a map of the entire area, showing places in the past where we’ve seen good flowers. (The locations are only approximate, to give you an idea of likely areas. When I am able to report “live” sightings I’ll try to be more precise.)


(For driving directions, if you’re trying to get to a marker location, click on the marker, copy the gps coordinates, then paste them in the “To” field.)


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