Grand Canyon North Rim (click on photo to zoom)








This site is no longer under construction, but will have posts added to it as I find new places. So tune in frequently.

One main reason to set up this site is to establish a way for me to tell central Texans where I have seen wildflowers on outings, so that they may see them, too. Meanwhile I’ll link a couple of forums to which others post wildflower sightings – which is probably the best source of info on where to go except maybe for folks who happen to live in the areas I frequent: Burnet, Llano, Mason, Willow City, Marble Falls, and points in between. See the Links page and the Texas Wildflower Sightings posts for info on where to see wildflowers.

I expect to keep pages in which I have written about photography hikes, such as Pedernales Falls State Park and Lost Maples State Park, while deleting wildflower sightings posts when the flowers have gone. While I have your attention, I’ll probably also include some discussions of special photography techniques I’ve learned, mostly by reading what experts have to say about them, but I hope to add maybe a little value while I’m at it, just so long as we all understand that I am a long way from being an expert photographer, and I know it.

So I hope you enjoy my site, here. I’d be happy to hear from you about it.

If you came here from The Williamson County Sun, I would especially like to hear from you. I need to know if you’d like articles such as the “photography excursions” on this site. Would you like more photo tips? Less (fewer?) photo tips? If you enjoy the articles, please say so, or I may not be allowed to write more of them. Let me and The Sun editors know what you like.